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Refrigerated Cargo in CHS A Growing Trend

Since 2009, refrigerated cargo at the Port of CHS has increased by nearly 40% to about 45,000 containers.  David Wren has the story here that includes a 12-fold increase in refrigerated storage square footage in the area.  And port-deepening efforts (from 45′ to 52′) bode well for CHS for more growth as cold storage weighs lots more (30 tons in a 40′-long container) and heavier ships need deeper ports.

CHS Port Planning 6% Cargo Increase

The State Ports Authority is planning a 6% rise in cargo containers in the next fiscal year – that’s triple the projected growth for the US ports as a whole and six-fold the volume it saw this past year locally, but one the Port of CHS is committed to with its ability to handle post-Panamax ships, the new inland port in Greer hitting its stride with 100,000 train lifts projected (a +23% increase), and the brand new inland port in Dillon.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the article here.

Progress On New Airport Entrance Road

Warren Wise of The Post and Courier reports on some significant progress on a land swap in an effort to re-locate International Boulevard and a new airport entrance road – and allow Boeing to expand its local operations.  The final step appears to be approval by the FAA.

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Are We (Almost) There Yet? CHS Airport Almost Done

CHS International Airport is almost finished with its $200M makeover with two refurbished gates now open and three more to be delivered by the end of March.  Warren Wise of The Post and Courier has the story here.

Norfolk-Southern To Connect Rail From Port of CHS to Charlotte

A rail line to connect the Port of CHS to an intermodal facility in Charlotte has been announced to start this week for overnight service between CHS and Spartanburg then Charlotte’s international airport.  This connection “builds on the existing, high-speed intermodal network” between CHS and the South Carolina Port Authority’s inland port in Greer.  The Greer inland port opened in 2013 and is capable of 50k rail lifts (to trucks) per year while the Charlotte facility debuted in 2014 and has a capacity of 200k rail lifts per annum.  SPA also is building a rail-to-truck facility at the new container port that will open in N CHS in 2020, where CSX and Norfolk-Southern will both offer rail service.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story here.

CHS Airport #s: Up 14% in Past Quarter

If you thought the airport was crowded lately, with passenger and airline growth, Charleston International Airport passengers (arriving and departing) rose 14% in the past quarter over the same quarter last year.  From July through October 2015, 1.25 million passengers used the airport, an increase of over 150,000 persons.  The Post and Courier’s Warren Wise has the story here.

CHS Harbor Dredging One Step Closer

Deepening the CHS harbor from 45′ to 52′ is one step closer with the signing of an agreement between the Army Corps of Engineers and the State Ports Authority, and $307M already set aside by the state.  The deepening would allow CHS to accommodate some of the largest container ships in the world regardless of the local tides. David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story here.

CHS Airport Projecting Significant Growth

Officials at Charleston County Aviation Authority are expecting outbound ticketholders to total 2 million in 2023, 25% higher than the record 1.5M reached just last year.  Since 2010, CHS has seen a 55% increase in passenger growth.  The airport just underwent a $200M expansion and renovation adding five new gates.   Delta has the lion’s share of the market here with 32%, American/USAir, now combined, totaled 25%, followed by Southwest at 18% which just started service here in 2010, followed by United at 13% and JetBlue at 11%, but just two years old here.  The Post and Courier’s Warren Wise has the story and statistics here.

Alaska Airlines Starts Non-Stop Service to Seattle

The Great Northwest and The  Lowcountry are now connected with the first non-stop service between the Seattle on the West Coast and CHS with 3x a week service beginning in November.  John McDermott of The Post and Courier has the story here.

Jasper Terminal Moving Ahead…Slowly

After years of political footballing, the 1,500-acre Jasper Ocean Terminal on the SC side of the Savannah River appears to be moving forward with plans to submit its application to start building the $3.3B project over the next year.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story and some history and some updates.