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Boeing Projecting Strong Demand for Planes For Next 20 Years

Boeing, the maker of the North Charleston built 787 Dreamliner, projects demand for some 38k new commercial airplanes over the next 20 years, worth some $5.6 trillion.  They anticipate the Dreamliner will capture about 22% of that demand, representing some $2.5 trillion.  While the biggest demand (70%) will be for single-aisle planes like the 737MAX that will debut in 2017, Boeing reported they have over 5,700 planes on order, worth some $435 billion including 838 Dreamliners for 60 different customers.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story ahead of one of the airline industry’s biggest marketing events The Paris Air Show.

Boeing Opens 737MAX Engine Parts Plant in N CHS

Boeing opened its 225k SF plant that will design and make engine inlet components for the new 737MAX, its next generation mid-range passenger jet that is the best-selling aircraft in aviation history.  Boeing has some 2,600 737MAX’ on back-order; just to deliver the existing orders would take production out through 2022 according to a Boeing website. David Wren of The Post and Courier has the announcement on the plant opening; in addition, Boeing is building a 256k SF paint facility that will paint the new 787 Dreamliners as they come off the assembly line, instead of flying them to Texas to paint and back to N CHS for delivery.

Another Boeing Order – This One for 80 737MAX’

Now at 2,400 planes on order, Boeing announced a leasing company’s order to purchase $8.5B for 80 737 MAX jets.  Boeing is building a plant in Palmetto Commerce Park in N CHS that makes engine components for the 737 MAX.  Warren Wise of The Post and Courier has the announcement.

Indonesian Airline Orders 50 Boeing 737MAX’

Garuda Indonesia Airlines has ordered 50 Boeing 737MAX airliners.  That now makes 2,295 jets for 47 customers worldwide on order for the plane, engine parts of which will be made beginning in 2015 at a new plant currently under construction in Palmetto Commerce Park in North Charleston.  Warren Wise of The Post and Courier has the article.

Boeing Posts Record Month of Orders for New Commercial Jets

Boeing picked up a record 324 new orders in July, 201 from an airshow in England, and now has posted 823 orders since January.  Now, more than 1,000 787 Dreamliners (some made in CHS) have been ordered by airlines around the world.  Its 737MAX has 1,700 orders (550 this year) an is proving to be a very popular plane when it is delivered in 2017; parts for the 737MAX will be made in CHS as well.  Warren Wise of The Post and Courier has the story.

England’s Farnborough International Airshow Monday Announcements = $6B in Boeing Orders

As a side note to another story, Warren Wise of The Post and Courier reports that Boeing announced on Monday some $6B in new orders from air carriers in Ireland, England and China.

Goose Creek Company To Build Flight Simulators For Boeing

A unit of Textron Inc., TRU Simulation + Training, headquartered in Goose Creek, announced it would build flight simulators for Boeing’s next generation 737 MAX jet.  John McDermott of The Post and Courier has the brief story.

Orangeburg Manufacturer To Assemble Boeing 737MAX Winglets

An aerospace supplier in Orangeburg will produce the winglets for the Boeing 737MAX, the next generation of one of the world’s most popular commercial jets.  The British-based company began operations last year in Orangeburg with 75 employees and will have up to 300 jobs there within five years.  Boeing has 1,600 orders for the new plane and is forecasting nearly 25,000 jets to be built between 2013 and 2031, worth nearly $2.3 trillion.  See the article by Warren Wise of The Post and Courier.

Boeing Expands Again in Charleston

New jet propulsion plant breaks ground in Charleston.  See the full article compliments of the Post-Courier: