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100th Boeing 787 Dreamliner Completed

Boeing reached a milestone with its 100th jet finished in N CHS in mid-December, according to an Associated Press article in The Post and Courier.

Boeing Projecting Strong Demand for Planes For Next 20 Years

Boeing, the maker of the North Charleston built 787 Dreamliner, projects demand for some 38k new commercial airplanes over the next 20 years, worth some $5.6 trillion.  They anticipate the Dreamliner will capture about 22% of that demand, representing some $2.5 trillion.  While the biggest demand (70%) will be for single-aisle planes like the 737MAX that will debut in 2017, Boeing reported they have over 5,700 planes on order, worth some $435 billion including 838 Dreamliners for 60 different customers.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story ahead of one of the airline industry’s biggest marketing events The Paris Air Show.

$212M Boeing Paint Facility Under Construction for 2016 Delivery

Part of Boeing’s 2013 second $1.1B capital expenditure announcement for CHS, their new $212M paint facility under construction will add a streamlining process to build and deliver the 787 Dreamliner to customers soup to nuts in N CHS.  It will be 10 stories tall and will be able to handle two 787-10s at the same time.  Right now, they are built here but fly to Texas to be painted, then returned here to be delivered to customers and final checks.  Its all part of a 470-acre expansion Boeing undertook in about 2013. David Wren has the complete story for The Post and Courier.

Toward the end of the article, a chief analyst with Strategic Aero Reseach says Boeing may well try and shift ALL of its 787-related production to N CHS…to further de-risk the program; that may be code for minimizing union strikes and thus delivery interruptions of the long-delayed 787 program, reportedly some 5 years behind in deliveries, but still the most successful selling commercial jet in history.

30 More Boeing Dreamliners Ordered by China’s Hainan Airlines

China’s Hainan Airlines, already flying nine of the ten Dreamliners it has ordered, plans to buy 30 more at a price or around $7.7B.  The Dreamliner is Boeing’s newest and fastest-selling plane with nearly 1,100 orders since it was introduced in 2007.  Current orders on the books will take production out to beyond 2020.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Another Boeing Supplier Looking at North Charleston

The French-owned landing-gear supplier for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is reportedly looking at sites in and around Palmetto Commerce Park in N CHS.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story here for The Post and Courier.

First “Dash 9” 787 DreamLiner Completed in N CHS

The first 787-9, or “Dash 9”, has been rolled out of the N CHS Boeing plant and will be delivered to United Airlines in March.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story.

787 Dreamliner “Exceeding Expectations” – Boeing Executives

The 787 Dreamliner is Boeing’s newest and fastest-selling plane in the company’s history and is exceeding expectations according to company executives.  Currently, there is a backlog of 5,800 planes of all categories on order in Boeing’s, accounting for some value of $440 billion, or eight years worth of production for the N CHS and Seattle/Everett plants.  David Wren of The Post and Courier has the story.

Boeing To Build 787-10 DreamLiner In CHS

In a not-so-surprising announcement, Boeing said they would build the longest version of the 787DreamLiner in North Charleston.  No job figures were announced but experts say they will have to add more space and more jobs to pull it off.  Boeing will continue to build the 787-8s and 787-9s in both Everett (Seattle) and N CHS, but the 787-10 will be built exclusively in N CHS as it is simply too big/long to be transported to Everett.  Production will begin in 2017 with the first plane delivered from N CHS in 2018.  Warren Wise of The Post and Courier has the full story.

England’s Farnborough International Airshow Monday Announcements = $6B in Boeing Orders

As a side note to another story, Warren Wise of The Post and Courier reports that Boeing announced on Monday some $6B in new orders from air carriers in Ireland, England and China.

787 DreamLiner Could Be Critical To American Airlines

The Associated Press has a story printed in The Post and Courier on the importance of the DreamLiner to American Airlines as it takes its first delivery of the aircraft later in 2014, the first of some 42 planes on order for the carrier.