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Study Finds Aviation Responsible for $13.9B of Local Economy

A study from the CHS Metro Chamber of Commerce suggests the aviation industry – primarily the big three of the airport, CHS Air Force Base, and Boeing – are responsible for some $13.9B and 51,000 jobs to the local economy.  That’s 40% of the local economy and 16% of the local job base.  Sounds like a lot, but the airport’s impact is huge; not to discount Boeing’s affect, but a similar study in 2011, pre-Boeing, suggested 34k jobs and 12% of the region’s employment, but the dollar figure has doubled from about $7B four years ago.  Some interesting additional stats:

  • Boeing alone accounts for $11B to the local economy, with 8,200 direct workers and sustaining another 20,000 jobs in the region
  • Boeing’s growth will continue with its new paint hangar, the recently opened air inlet facility and when it begins its sole production of the 787-10, the largest version of the wide-body aircraft.
  • The airport, now eclipsing 3M passengers a year, accounts for 3,915 direct jobs, while visitors using CHS account for some $450M in spending on their visits sustaining another 6,181 jobs.
  • The Air Force Base employs 7,300 active-duty and civilian workers and supports another 5,000 jobs with a total economic impact of $1.7B.

See the full article by Warren Wise of The Post and Courier.