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Corps’ Approves Wetland Permit for $500M Volvo Plant

The Army Corps of Engineers approved a wetland permit for some 195 acres of a total 2,800 Volvo (and probably some suppliers) will use as Volvo prepares to start preparing the Ridgeville site this Fall and start vertical construction in 2016 with plans to hire 2,000 workers and start making its first US-built cars in 2018.  John McDermott of The Post and Courier has the story on the wetland permit approval…

Volvo Looking Good For CHS

While it is well short of an official announcement that Volvo is coming, a report on the Atlanta newspapers site,, suggests that the competitive site (in GA) is out of the running.  If prior reports are accurate, that leaves the CHS site in Ridgeville, as the preliminary winner of the competition for Volvo’s first U.S. auto manufacturing plant. a $500M venture that will create some 4k jobs.  Reportedly, the automaker will announce their decision this month.